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    High-temperature synthetic filtermat and fire retardant self extinguishing medias
    AST produces high-temperature synthetic filtermat and fire retardant self-extinguishing medias by making use of imported specified fibers from Germany and Japan. These High-temperature filter media and nonwoven filter media satisfy stringent requirements of Class F1, and resistant up to 150-180℃ with none-shedding synthetic fibers, and resistant up to 180-200℃ with fiberglass. These media filter and air filter roll are widely applied for final filtration of supply air in painting and drying units, or subway and railway air-conditioning system.
    Due to ceiling filter mat and fiber glass media dust holding capacity and their resultant long useful lifetime, Airknow nonwoven filter meida or filter cloth and media filter are particularly cost-efficient ,also,Airknow glassfiber filter mat not only can be used as paint stop or paint mist pad or called spray booth filter roll , but also high temperature filter media.Bulk Ceiling meida

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